Jumat, 14 April 2017

Short interview with seller meatballs

Today I want to publish my interview with meatball seller.A few days ago the weather was rainy, so I think to choose the meatballs for my evening meal menu.

While waiting, idle whim I asked a vendor selling meatballs. The seller usually called "Pak De"

This is the result of my conversation : 

ME                :  Good evening Pak de, what about the merchandise?

PAK DE        :  Good evening to ndok, Thanks to God today the merchandise smoothly.

ME                :  How can you be inspired to trade meatballs?

PAK DE        :  In fact, my brother had already the selling meatballs. My first request was taught to make meatballs. As I can I thing to sell meatballs in here.

ME                : Began when Pak de trade the meatballs?

PAK DE        : I started selling meatballs since 2000

ME                : If I may know what ingredients to make meatballs?

PAK DE        : The materials is a lot, but the most important are the meat and flour. About the seasoning is eassy issue

ME                : Oh, I see. So do you have others help in selling meatballs?

PAK DE        :  In this case, I was assisted by my wife. She served as a chasier. I hired one employee and myself in charge of making metaballs

ME                : How much net profit, Pak de?

PAK DE        : In one day, a minimum net profit earned is more than three hunderd thousand rupiah

ME                : Wahh its not bad. Okay Pak de, Thank you for taking the time. Its really good conversations.

PAK DE        : Yes ndok, your welcome. Dont forget to come again~

So that’s the result of my conversation and the seller. As we see, we can get the information about ingredient about meatballs and how much net profit we can get in one day. So maybe one day you want to sell meatballs you can calculated the initial capital.

Humanoid Robot (Tris Hardianti and Abdul Haris Ridho) Engineering Facult...

HELLO!! CHECK THIS OUT VIDEO!! Sorry for our bad bad acting and bad pronunciation~~

Kamis, 30 Maret 2017

I Really Can't Imagine Life Without......


This time I want to share you my thought about something we can’t life without it.

So many thing in this world you can’t life without it right? Me too!
Example it electronic (smartphone,laptop, television, etc) , or maybe economy or maybe music.

But i think i can't imagine life without family, you know what? We can life without electronic, we can life without music but we can't life without family. Family is more important than anything in this world, without your family you cant do anything. Without family,you cant have life goals or you don’t have spirit to live, because you don’t have any motivation from them.
In my life family is important espesialy my parents. They do anything to make their children success in future life, they don’t show us if they tired because they work so hard to get a lot of money. When we was a child they always protect us from bad things in this world, so we can make a kind person in future life. They explained and teach us with patience one by one from we are baby until now.
With family we can see and fell happiness in this world althought we don’t rich. Because happiness don’t come from money but it come from people who always thank to god what they have in this world. If you don’t believe about my opionion you can see people in whole world , so many people in this world are so rich but a little bit from them are happy. But poor people in this world without a lot of money they have bright smile , but its comeback again to yourself if you always remember to give thank to god about your life it can make your life more meaningful.

I’m so sorry maybe my thought not relevan with a tittle butin my mind  I think I cant imagine life without it. Thank you so much to you all to read my blog again, xoxo <3

Rabu, 15 Maret 2017

Skill ? or Hobby ?

Hi readers, I’m comeback this time for share what kind skill I have.

If you asked me what kind skill I have? I think i have skill in cooking. Why I say that? Because I like to cook. Well,because not everyone is good at cooking. Honestly, we can’t tell it as skill, maybe we can call it as hobby.

Do you want to know where i’m good at cooking? Of course it from my beloved mother. She teached me how to cook when i’m at Junior High School. I remembered what she say when she teach me how to cooking, she say “we as a woman must be good at cooking because if we get married with someone of course we must feed them. Because we can’t buying food everyday it must be so wasteful ”. Maybe you think we can buy food than we must cooking right? But if you cooking by yours self, in your heart can be so happy and proud. You must try it! it's work!! hahaha

Sometimes if I hungry and I don’t have a lot of money. I will buy the ingridients at grocery then I will cooking it by my self. It more saved money than buy food or junk food out there.
Sometimes if I have free time, I like to watching cooking show at television or youtube or Instagram. Its give me so more new recipe to try at home. And after that sometimes I try it, yeah maybe its not so similar but i’m so happy because i’ve been trying to cooking new recipe.

I hope I can enhance my skill at cooking, I will trying and trying again and can make new recipes so another people can try it at their home. Or maybe in future life if my skill at cooking so good I will make a restaurant or bakery or maybe catering, because now I had to be more fully explore whether I am good at cooking appetizer or make dessert.

Okay readers I think that’s all I can tell you what kind my skill I have. Thanks to you has been taking the time to read my blog. I hope this blog can be so usefull to everyone..

Jumat, 10 Maret 2017

1st Task

1. Critical Cartoons

A. Warm Up

Work with a partner or in small groups. Discuss the questions below.

1.How many electronic devices have you used in the past 24 hours? List them.

Answer : We used at least 9 electronic devices, they are:

                1) Smartphone

                2) Television

                3) Laptop

               4) Rice cooker

               5) Fan

               6) Lamp

               7) Dispenser

               8) Air conditioner

               9) Projector

2. What activities do robots do today? What other things would you like them to do?

Answer : For today, robots can washing clothes, cleaning house, with vacuum cleaner, help us printing our assignment. It would be great if robots could accompany us shopping and help us to carry our items.

3. Are there certain things we should always do for ourselves? What? Why?

Answer : I think we should clean our home for ourselves, because if not do it by ourselves, we will be lazy people, and always need robot’s help in any work.

2. Core Vocabulary

A. Scanning and skimming

1.Find and underline the keywords in the text. The first one is done for you. Try to guess their meanings.

•Keywords : adopt
•In Line : 4
•Meanings : to legally take another persons child into your own family and take care of him or her as your own child

•Keyword : aid
•In Line : 3
•Meanings : help, support

•Keyword : career
•In Line : 11
•Meanings : work, job, profession

•Keyword : code
•In Line : 16
•Meanings : computer program, password

•Keyword : doubt
•In Line : 15
•Meanings : hesitant, be wary, uncertain, anxious

•Keyword : effort
•In Line : 7
•Meanings : exertion, attempt

•Keyword : force
•In Line : 6
•Meanings : power, energy

•Keyword : oppose
•In Line : 5
•Meanings : defied orders, be against, disagree with

•Keyword : potential
•In Line : 9, 14
•Meanings : prospect

•Keyword : serve
•In Line : 2, 8
•Meanings : dish out, present, cater

2. Read the statements below. Which best summarizes the text? Circle A, B, or C.
Answer : B. In future, robots will help us in the home and might also be considered family members.

Second Task

šŸ”µPre-reading Question
1.    In what ways will robots make our lives better in the future? In what ways will they make our lives worse?
·         They can help us do the kind of activity that we can’t or don’t have time to do. They can help us clean the house, do the grocery, mown the lawn, that’s the kind of activity that people now don’t have time to do, because we’re so busy that we rule out those things. Other things that they can do is accompany us anywhere. For example, going for a walk in the park, or they can help us walk our pet because we don’t have time to walk them. Robots sure will come in handy. Beside the things above, robots can also make our live worse. One of the reason why they can make our life worse is because of them we’re gonna get lazier day by day. We human, want things to get done without putting to much effort or maybe without doing anything. That’s why we invent them, robots. They are smart, we programmed them to be able to do everything we want. That’s where it gets worse. If the robot that we made can do everything then what will we become? There’s nothing left for us to do. They can do any chores, we just have to tell them to do it, then we just lay down doing nothing. We’re getting lazy because we have robots that can do everything we tell them. Those kind of things can also impact our health, because we wouldn’t want to do anything,we would just order them to bring us what we want, do out jobs, even cook for us. That’s exactly where the trouble starts, when we don’t want to do anything because we think we have those robots.

2.    What kind of robots would you like to see?
·         We would like to see robot cars. Those type of cars that can drive us anywhere, the one that don’t need anyone behind the wheel. With just one simple tap and navigation they can drive us anywhere.

The highlight of the interesting idea from each paragraph.
Paragraph 1
·         Line 7 – 9 “Gates suggest that soon robots will be adopted in the home in the same way that personal computers have been.”
Paragraph 2
·         Line 12 – 14 “There are several reasons why the age of home robots is now possible. First, robots need a brain – a computer. Computing power is now cheap and powerful enough to serve as this brain.”
Paragraph 3
·         Line 32 – 33 “But without doubt, they will free us from useless household duties and prevent us from being lonely.”

šŸ”µIdentifying tipic and main idea
1.    Which of the following best desribes the topic of the text?
A.   Computers and robots
2.    Which of the following best describes the main idea of the text?
A.   Robots will improve our lives in many ways.

šŸ”µIdentifying opinions
1.    Which one of the following three opinions would the author probably disagree with?
A.   All technology has done is to make our lives busier and more dependent on machines than ever.
Look at the list of jobs below. Which are you happy for robots to do in the future? Why or why not.
·         From the option, we would be happy for robots to be our taxi driver. Like we mention before, we would like to have a robot cars, but it’s also nice to have a robot to be our taxi driver for a starter. Everything comes from something right? Starting as a taxi driver then eventually become the car itself.
As for the other option, we kind of disaggre. Airline pilot, the reason why we disaggre is because become an airline pilot is not an easy job. We actually need a human to do this kind of job, because we’re talking about flying from one place to another place. It’s flying, not driving on land. We do actually need someone who actually can think and not programmed to fly the plane. Cook is also a task for human. We cook what we want to eat, we made it ourselves. Human actually have a tongue to taste the food, what will robots do? Guess the taste without actually tasting it? Doctor is also a non robots job. When you’re sick who do you expect to see? An actual doctor or some robot which is not human. They don’t understand pain and sickness, how do you expect them to heal you? Another guess game?
A robot as a police officer? Sound tempting, but no. A police officer is a law enforcer. Even with human police officer there are still some misunderstanding between the officer and their suspect. What do you expect with robot officer. They won’t have mercy, if their program say you’re wrong when actually there is a misunderstanding then nothing we can do about it, sorry you’re arrested and you can explain the rest at the office.A
Singer? Can robot even sing? This is actually not a problem, but it’s kind of disturbing to have a robot as a singer right? When you hear someone sing of course you want it to sound beautiful and lovely, and not some plain, robotic-tone kind of sound. Robot can never have the same sound as us human, so no.
Store clerk is also a no. When we go shopping it’s nice to have a little chit chat with the clerk about what we want to buy, maybe even ask for their opinion on few things. With robot? You can only come in, get what you want, pay and get out. With store clerk robot you’re missing the fun in shopping, going shopping is refreshing, and with robot as the store clerk then it will only feel straight out flat. What’s the point of going shopping without a little chit chat here and there?
Having a robot as our teacher? We human who made the robot be taught by the robot itself? You made the robot, then you make them become your child’s teacher. Is this even make sense? There’s no such thing as human being taught by a robot. We made them, if you want your next generation to be smarter than the robot you created teach them yourselves and make sure they are also smarter than you, because things evolve and they need to be smarter, what you saw and do today wouldn’t be the same as it is twenty years from now.

Kamis, 09 Maret 2017

Why I continue my study in University level

before introduce my self. i wanna to say sorry to miss dini, cause i make this blog so late šŸ˜« i'm so sorry miss šŸ˜¢

Hi readers, Hi friends!
my name is Tris Hardianti, i'm 22y.o this years. and now i'm collage in Engineering Faculty at Tanjungpura University since 2013.
so this time, i wanna to tell you 'why i continue my study in University level'
since senior high school i want to continue my study in university level, but honestly for the first time i'm feel trapped in this Civil Engineering. but, now i enjoyed this collage. Maybe sometimes i have a hardtime, because so many deadlines. I must to finished this collage until graduations day!!
Manny people say if you continue your study in Engineering faculty you can easy to get job in your future, cause alumnus from Engineering faculty have more skill. So, i hope and praying when i'm graduate i can easy to get the job.

for the readers i'm sorry for my pronunciation, because i'm so bad in English language.